Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Echo Lake

Morgan and Thomas together playing

Kristy and I wanted to make sure Thomas and Morgan started enjoying playing on the water as soon as possible, they seemed to love tubing. Next year we will try water skiing.

Ella, Morgan and Danny. Morgan loves her car and likes to float around in the water.

Danny decided it would be fun to see if Morgan would like the tube and
then she loved the rope a little bit more.

Our little family

4 generations
All the cousins and siblings together

Morgan and Grandpa together on the 4th of July

Kristy, Lindsey and I are all at echo lake together with our little babies. It is really fun to all be together as moms. On the weekend of 4th of July Grandma and Grandpa and the Knapps all were here and it was really fun to be together and watch the amazing fireworks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day

Canada day was very fun but very busy for us. Danny and I both worked starting our day out at 8:00 am and I came home at 11:30 and Danny followed me at Midnight. Morgan came with me and Devynn to Cardston to celebrate Canada day where we set up a bunch of Astro Jump's and then ate pizza and watched a native pow wow. It was really fun to watch Morgan watch them as they danced she loved watching the feathers move on their outfits. Morgan is now 5 months old. It is crazy how big she is getting. So I had a call that I needed to sow up part of the astro jump so while I was gone Devynn was holding morgan and watching the show, then morgan started to put her lips together and make a motor sound (she loves to do this) but sometimes it sprays a little bit of spit. So without Devynn realizing, Morgans spit was getting on the Man in front of her, he turned around and gave Devynn a really big glare, so she left and came and hung out with me, but I thought it was pretty funny. Morgan was sleeping ok for about 2 weeks and now it is all messed up again. I guess we will have to figure out to get her on a sleeping pattern, but i guess that is mostly our fault. We are really excited for the 4th of July we are heading to the lake to get some rays and are excited to see all the family. We are only in Canada for another 2 months so let us know if you are coming to visit.

Here is a little story for you, so I work about 8 hours a day and Devynn and Danny help me babysit morgan while I do the busy work for astro jump. So a few days ago I fed Morgan and got her ready for her nap and then I handed her off to danny and said please put her to bed. Then later I found out how she fell asleep, danny had placed her on the autuman and she had turned her head and he planned on giving her a few kisses and then we was going to put her on the bed. So he kissed her for a minute or two all over her face and when he stopped she was sound asleep.