Saturday, April 23, 2011

the rain in spain

It has been raining pretty hard the last few days. Yesterday Morgan was staring out the window looking at the rain and really wanted to go out in it. So I said if you get your rain boots you can go out. Before I knew it she got me in the rain to, then it started to pour since i was wet already we went puddle jumping. Luckily our neighbor Carl was out and we asked him to take some pictures... and he is pretty good, so we have this great shot.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Makes Me Smile and Makes Morgan Dance

Hanson, yes THAT Hanson, was on Conan the other night singing the new single from their new album. Who even knew that they were still making music? I loved the song, so since then, we have watched this video on Youtube everyday. Morgan loves it and instantly starts running around the house and dancing when she hears it.

Here's the video. Good stuff.

And just for good old times sake.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Once upon a time, I used to draw and I loved it. I still do it often, but never just for fun, I do it for my clients. I am not very good at understanding lighting and sometimes I shade things in the wrong places, one of my clients wanted a starfish on her wedding invitation... so I did the easy thing and decided there had to be good clip art out there, after looking for an hour, I realized there were NO starfish out there that looked (to me) acceptable, so I had to draw one, and it turned out much better than I thought. I had no clue I would be so afraid to draw a simple starfish that only took me 10 (or less) minutes to draw. Instead I spent hours looking for one. Lesson to be learned, we have talents and we need to use them, and google is not always the best answer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Morgan has been especially cute these days, it makes me realise I LOVE two year olds. She is obsessed with changing her clothes, hanging and swinging from anything with a ledge, and chap stick.

I just wanted to make sure I remember what she is like at this age, because it is priceless. She is so capable it amazes me. Her vocabulary grows ever day, and I keep thinking she knows that word? no way.

On Saturday we went to the grocery to get food for Sunday dinner and we went to the salad dressing isle and the baking isle was on the other side, we were looking at different dressing when Morgan bolted to the marshmallows and grabs a bag, hugs it and says "these are my favorite!" I had no clue she could be so adorable, so she got her favorite marshmallows and I learned she knew the word favorite.

If you see Morgan more than 1 time in a day you will see her in a different outfit. It is quite fun to see the different outfits she comes up with (as you see pictured above).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Swim Suits

A while ago I did the wedding Invitations for a wonderful girl who owns shabby apple, so every once in a while I check out their new styles.

and they have awesome swimsuits right now.... you should check them out.