Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yes, she is adorable!

Lets start at the very beginning

So my Mom and Devynn decided to come for Easter Break but mostly because I was having the Baby any day. Since I wasn't due till April 17th, I was hoping to go early so Devynn could meet McKell, but I had a lot of fun things planned to do so that we could have a blast before she came. Here are a few of the things I wanted to do while they were here.
Go to Anchorage Park, play on the swing.

 My mom saw this vine while we were swinging on the swing, and thought that we could climb it. We tried, we all tried and we all failed.
We decided to go and try this place called the comfy cow. It was awesome. I personally will always get the icecream pie when I go, the one I got was called the BFF.
Louisville has a great waterfront area. So I took them to the waterfront park so they could see it and so morgan could play at the park.

Louisville has a few attractions I think are really awesome and you should do if you visit here, and going to the Slugger Museum is one of them. That is the largest bat in the world (well at least I think it is)

Here is Morgan and Devynn holding Mickey Mantles bat. I asked Devynn which players she wanted too hold (options being Derek Jeter, David Ortez, and a few other famous baseball players, but she didn't know who they were, till this tour). We all learned alot. Like they make 1.8 million bats a year, and one baseball player uses 80-120 bats per season.

Devynn becoming friends with Babe Ruth.

Another must place to visit is the Church hill
Downs Museum. It was tons of fun and you get to tour the area. 

Some how at this race at the museum Morgan beat Devynn each time. Morgan was in heaven.
This is animal kingdom he won the derby last year.
I was getting really sad because it was Friday night and Devynn was leaving on Saturday and I still had not had the baby, but  luckily the baby really wanted to see Devynn and she decided to come before she left. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby McKell Elise Snyder

Well I had hoped to have more time to blog, but I was really tired since I was laboring through the night. We welcomed McKell Elise Snyder to the world at 8:12am on April 14th 2012. She was 7lbs5oz and 20 inches long. She is a pretty awesome baby so far, we will see how it goes. I am leaving the hospital tomorrow morning and am so glad my mom is here to help me. I have the best mom ever! McKell came just intime for my sister Devynn to see her. My sisters flight left at 5:00 pm in Cincinnati on Saturday, so it was a blessing for McKell to arrive Saturday Morning.

Her labor and delivery were awesome thanks to the miracle of epidurals. Since it was Devynns last night we decided to go out to BJ's for dinner on friday night. After a wonderful meal and being really full we went home and as I got Morgan ready for bed, the contractions started, they were painful but they were not really close, so I thought they might just be playing with me. Around 10:30 I said to Danny, my mom and Devynn, these contractions are real, it isn't a matter of if she comes it is when she comes. I tried to sleep and hoped that I would be able to get a ok sleep and then head over to the hospital in the morning, around 1:30 I couldn't take the pain anymore and started to get ready to go. At 1:56 I told Danny it was time. We arrived at the hospital around 2:30, and I told them I wanted my epidural asap. The triage Nurse check me out and I was dilated to a 5. She said she would call the doctor to see what to do next. After what seemed like forever, and having contractions that were horrible and made me nauseous, she said I was staying and took me over to the delivery room. Waiting for the epidural was the hardest part of the whole delivery.  Around 4:00 and being a 6 I got my epidural, and it was well amazing, just like an epidural was supposed to I couldn't feel the contractions but could still feel my legs and I had pretty good control over them. After I got the epidural Danny and I took a nap till 6ish and then I could tell things were getting close. I was hoping my doctor would come in and deliver me even though he wasn't on call, so I wanted to wait till 7, around 7 we paged him but had no luck, so Dr. Graham delivered me. At 8 the nurse called in the delivery team and after pushing through just 1 contraction McKells head was out and after the next contraction she was out. The delivery couldn't have gone any better.

Lots of pictures to follow in next post, when I am home and can access picture more easily.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt and Confetti Eggs

We had a blast today enjoying the beautiful weather and great company as we had an egg hunt and smashed confetti eggs on each other head.