Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Woody, Little Bo Peep and her Sheep Say Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morgans new trick

So Morgan has been standing for a while, so I was going to go to the store and buy her a walking toy to help her learn to walk, but today we discovered that the huggies box works instead.

After watching her learn this new trick, a few hours later, I found this...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Semester

It is currently 2:23 AM, and I have just finished registering for my final semester at BYU. Surprisingly, this feels really good. I am not quite sure how it worked out, but my Tuesdays are completely free, which is nice considering that Brynn and I just bought a bunch of Snowbird passes for the upcoming snowboarding season. That, however, is not what I am most excited about. What could be better than a day off during the week to go snowboarding? BEGINNING ICE HOCKEY! I have wanted to take this class since freshman year, but it never quite fit into my schedule. My little brother took the class and absolutely loved it. I am so pumped.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morgan's Tuque

Tonight we went over for our ward chat n' chew, it was cold out so we put this toque on morgan and she looked cute.

Homecoming Date Night

Friday night started off just right at about 4:00 I went over to Kylie and Cassies, and they got me ready for my date, Kylie did my hair, and Cassie did my make up. It was a blast to get ready with those girls. They are amazing and helped me look good. After I got ready Danny and I headed off to our BYU homecoming date for married people. It was catered by Tucano's and then we heard a singer and Humor U preformed. Over all it was really fun, but I will be honest, I wish they ended it with a dance. We were lucky enough to have great company, at the event we were with Stacy and Pierce, Megan and Ben, and Tania and Derek.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall in Utah

Well if you didn't know it gets really beautiful in Provo during the fall. This week all the leaves began to fall off the trees, so yesterday Kylie, Morgan and I took some pictures.

Morgan is becoming a big girl, she can stand by herself with no help, she can crawl up stairs, and she has 2 front teeth. She is still a fireball and very fun to be with.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Love, Peace and Joy

love peace and joy with white background

Love peace and joy with blue background

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A great friday

I ment to post something about this earlier, but last friday, we were able to go up to highland and hang out with Keegan and Lindsey. Danny didn't have class so we went up after Morgans first nap. It was a blast. When we got there Keegan slaving away at the stove making homemade pizza. After a wonderful lunch we went to play tennis. Now I am not very good at tennis (since it is not a commonly play sport in canada), even though I am not very good, it was fun to play, I will have to take lessons so I can get better. Lindsey is a pro and Keegan and Danny are pretty good as well, so I felt a little out of the loop, but it was fun. Morgan didn't go down like I had hoped so inbetween serves I would make sure she wasn't eating leaves or rocks. She is crazy. After losing to Keegan and Lindsey we went back to there house and made halloween "tasty" apples. It was so fun, I haven't really ever made carmel, candy covered apples. I added carmel, chocolate (white and milk), coconut, oreos and heath bar. It was pretty amazing. So thanks Lindsey and Keegan for a really good time. I love having good friends.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Polka Dot Card

this layout has more options 5x7 card, 5x7 postcard or 4x6 postcard

5x7 Card for 50 prints $100, 100 prints $134
add envelopes $20.00
5x7 Postcard PREMIUM for 50 prints $69.00, 100 prints $89.00
5x7 Postcard VALUE for 50 Prints $47.00, 100 prints $57.00
4x6 Postcard Value for 50 Prints $45.00, 100 prints $55.00

make this a true post card by double printing the back side to look like this...

to review pricing check out the pricing guide (double sided costs just a few dollars more).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday Card #1

this layout has more options 5x7 card, 5x7 postcard or 4x6 postcard

5x7 Card for 50 prints $100, 100 prints $134
add envelopes $20.00
5x7 Postcard PREMIUM for 50 prints $69.00, 100 prints $89.00
5x7 Postcard VALUE for 50 Prints $47.00, 100 prints $57.00
4x6 Postcard Value for 50 Prints $45.00, 100 prints $55.00

5x5 card for 50 prints $85.00 100 prints $116.00
add envelopes $20.00
(these prices include ground shipping)

Each day this week I will attempt to put up one of my Christmas card designs.
Here is the Holiday Card If you want more than 100 or less than 50 the price would change. You can also add text inside the card if you want. If you need more information or would like to order a set of these cards let me know.

awesome clip

I saw this on the BYU website, some people in the graphic design department did it for the film festival. I love creative things. Sometimes I wish I did graphic design.

Words that make sense: Visual arts film a sensory display of typography

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Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Dental School Interviews (by Danny)

I had a very interesting experience yesterday. My good friend Spencer Hill is also applying to dental school this year, and he was telling me about his latest interview invitation. He said that he had caught wind that Creighton University was conducting interviews this upcoming week at the University of Utah and that you were supposed to call in to see if you had an interview. So he did. The secretary told him his name was on "the list" and he set up an interview time. I found this to be very strange, because usually when a school is interested in you, they at least have the courtesy to contact you and let you know. So, of course, the thing that I did the very next morning (yesterday) was call to see if I was on "the list." Except, I didn't get the secretary when I called, I got the head of admissions. I asked him if there were anymore available interview times and he proceeds to talk to me like a five year old. "Son, applicants just don't call in for an interview. When a school is interested, they will contact you for an interview." (Talking very slow and pronouncing each word very carefully) By this point, I have used my finely tuned deduction skills to come to the conclusion that my name was not on "the list." Figuring that I have nothing to lose at this point, I simply begin pitching myself to this guy. I tell him that I feel like my application is as competitive as any. Whatever I lack in grades and DAT score, I more than make up for in dental experience, volunteering, leadership experience, etc. He, at this point, extends me the courtesy of talking to me like an adult. He thanks me for calling, and that was that. Then last night, as I was putting Morgan to bed, my phone rang and Brynn answers, "Hi, Danny's phone, this is his wife speaking." -"Hi, this is Dr. Powell. Is Danny available?" She passes me the phone and apologizes for her sarcastic secretary skills. Dr. Powell tells me how my phone call earlier that day had thrown him off guard, but how he was impressed by my tenacity to deliver a cold call like that (which of course, was not my intention at first). He was so impressed, in fact, that after hanging up with me, he went and took my application to the admissions committee and spoke in my behalf. Long story short, I now have a third dental school interview at Creighton University (I had one two weeks ago with the University of Louisville, and have one coming up at UNLV). Just another one of those tender mercies. We would appreciate your prayers with regards to converting at least one of our interviews into an acceptance on December 1.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Since becoming a mom, I have put my designing on the back burner. I am now designing announcements cards. This is one of the cards I did this month(I also took the pictures). I am going to be designing Christmas cards, so if you are planning on sending some out, I would love to do them. If you are one of the first 10 orders, you will get a free Zig addressing pen.

*if one of my designs doesn't fit your style, I love to do custom work.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Morgan can now clap

This is what I did.

Well since there was 2 girls who needed shirts, one was given by a member of there team, after a short pause and my anticipation that another girl from there team would give up their shirt, I waited, but then I gave up mine. After running to the side line feeling really naked, I found someone who had an extra shirt I could wear.

I must also say that I am amazing and with the help of spray n' wash got all the blood out.