Monday, January 31, 2011

Morgans Birthday Party

We had a blast at Morgan's Birthday Party, we did it during the day with just a few friends, and a few art projects.

We first made crowns for everyone to wear, then did some painting, and per Morgans request we then danced, then they ran around the house while we made little pizzas for everyone.

Then we all gathered into the living room, ate pizza, then had cupcakes, sang happy birthday and Morgan blew out her candle. Then we opened the presents, and they were all awesome, Morgan loves her presents, thank you.

It is so great that Morgan and I have these great friends to play with all the time, thanks for coming!

Want to see more pictures? You can few them here.
Jan 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morgan is TWO!

This is what happens when you say "Smile"
I love how she closes her eyes, it cracks me up.

I made this shirt for morgans birthday. it is a tradition.
I also make them for my nieces (to be) and nephews.

I can't believe how much bigger she has gotten, I can't believe it has already been a year.

I love 2 year olds. I love Morgan. I love communicating.
Morgan uses sentences, she loves to: Sing, Jump, Run, Color, and Dance.
I will post more later, because she wants to go and do something for some reason :)

She also loves to SWING... enjoy this video.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Awesome Saturday

This weekend was great, we had a low key weekend that turned out wonderfully.
On Saturday both Danny and I exercised, cleaned the house (deep clean), took a short nap, played with morgan, ate a good meal and watched a movie. It is amazing to me how a simple saturday can feel so good.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We really should have taken more pictures during this wonderful Christmas season.
We were able to see both families, which was a blessing. We went snowboarding with my family in Idaho at targee. It was some of the best skiing I have had in years, the snow was deep and the weather was beautiful. After an awesome day of skiing we jumped into the warm outside pool, which was a blast till we had to get out and run in the freezing cold air to get dressed. We had some amazing food (of course made by my mom) and we had a ton of fun together. The next day we headed back to Utah for a fun filled week with Danny's family. We got to go to Tucano's to celebrate Danny's getting into dental school, and we got to meet Spencer's Girlfriend Megan. We then went to Temple Square to check out the beautiful lights. The next day Carol planned a bunco party and a surprise Eagle Scout Ceremony for Danny and his Brother who did their eagle scout but never had a court of honor. The court of honor was a big surprise, and the bunco was a blast.
On Christmas eve, we went to Jump on it and then went to a Nativity put on my the Snyder's ward primary. Then we did family dinner and Grandma gave everyone a present that happened to be p.j.'s. Christmas was a blast and we were able to see a lot of the Snyder family. Wendy and Nathan, took the time to plan a cool present for Carol and Steve, and Wendy took pictures and then got them printed and framed.
One of my favorite thing of this trip was when Morgan got to see her cousins, she learned the word cousins and would run around the house yelling cousins, cousins (it was adorable).
The next few days were filled with family and fun, but some of the highlights were bowling, and date night and playing ticket to ride (thanks Connor and Lindsey). Unfortunately we had to leave and get to the real world of work, but we had a wonderful time with all of our family.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Best New Years Ever!

Here is a few of the minute to win it games we played.
(Kyle won the candy cane challenge)
Ashley destroyed us all on the cookie challenge. (I think she may have practiced:))
Everyone won a door prize, and Lisa and Jason picked this $15 iTunes gift card.
This is the girls attempting the card challenge.
The Steele's figured this challenge out and both Andrew and Sarah won.

Danny and I just celebrated the best New Years we have ever had as a couple. Danny wanted to make sure we had fun this year so he planned a party for all of our friends. We were lucky enough to have our great friends, Matt and Daphne, host the party since our 2 bedroom apartment wouldn't hold the crowd. The space was perfect and the party was a blast. We started out by having authentic Cafe Rio fro dinner. Danny ordered the pork, rice, beans, and house dressing when we were in Utah and vacuum packed each and packed it with dry ice for the flight. Needless to say, the meal was great. Then, we played a crazy game of BUNCO. Everyone got into it and made it really fun. After BUNCO, we played Minute to Win It games. Ashley Baker seriously needs to go on that show. To round the night out, we played Catch Phrase. At the stroke of midnight, we all grabbed some 2011 glasses, a Martinellis, and a 2 minute sparkler and celebrated in the rain in the front yard. We had so much fun preparing and enjoying this party with our best friends here in Louisville. For those of you who don't check my whitefield design blog here is the party invite.

Want to see more photos?