Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morgan turned one today!

Today is Morgan's First Birthday! We are excited to celebrate it on Friday, but today we gave her, her presents, went to story time at the library and plan on doing some-more fun activities.

A few things Morgan does now that she is one:

*She has 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth, and one molar
*She weighs more than 20 pounds (we weighed her at the airport)
*She started walking at 9.5 months
*She loves to go upstairs, and has taken a few tumbles since she thinks she can walk down them.
*She loves to eat fruit, and vegetables, likes gold fish and graham crackers.
*She loves animals, especially Ben and Megan's Dogs, and the duck pond Ducks.
*She can make the sounds of ducks, dogs, and does a fish sound (Devynn taught her this)
*She loves to make her funny face.
*She loves to climb on anything and thinks she can conquer the world.
*She can sign more, thank you and please.
*I love her open mouth kisses, that gets slobber everywhere.
*I love how she dances, with her legs a little bent and bounces up and down.
*I love watching her clap and dance at story time.
*I love how she tries to hug and kiss everyone
*I miss The little bird face and sounds she would make.
*I miss Her clawing

Christmas in January

Since we were in Canada (Mexico) for Christmas, Danny's Family decided we would celebrate when we got back, it was really fun we had a wonderful Dinner made by Carol with my favorite Coconut Cream Pie. After dinner we had a stocking and christmas present opening, it was really fun to see morgan open presents. Morgan got some P.J.'s and some keys, danny and I both got p.j.'s and I got a beautiful black dress. Danny's mom even got me pringles for my stocking (it is something my family does). Nathan was nice enough to get Morgan a present, a $25.00 itunes gift card (Morgan loves music) and a really cute outfit green and pick stripes.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our First Major Financial Goal

This last weekend was a crazy one at our house. We started the weekend by going to the car show up in Sandy. We have been thinking that we would like to get a new SUV in the summer, so we wanted to check out what all of the major car companies had to offer. We initially were set on getting a Toyota Highlander, but the third row was small and cramped. So, we browsed around and were really impressed by the two SUVs in Hyundai's line (Santa Fe and Veracruz). Since, Monday was a holiday, we headed over to the Hyundai dealership to see what they had. They happened to be having a crazy sale on '09 models and we came pretty close to grabbing a new Santa Fe. After sleeping on it, we realized that we may have been getting ourselves in a little over our heads, and decided instead to start looking for a used vehicle that would last us through dental school, at which time we could buy something fresh off the lot. My (Danny) dream car is actually the '96-'02 body style Toyota 4Runner, and it seems that Brynn has always thought that she would look good rolling around town in one as well. So, it was settled quite quickly that that is the car that we would like to get. After searching local classifieds and other used car websites, we figured out about how much they are running for, and we set some financial goals to make it happen in the early summer. This week has been really fun for me, because this is the first time that we have had a major investment that we have planned and worked for together. We set aside one of our bank accounts as the 4Runner account and even made a poster (above) to chart our progress toward our goal. Sure, buying a brand spanking new Santa Fe would have been fun (except for maybe the 5 or 6 years of monthly payments), but I am really excited about working toward a common goal and picking up something that we can afford. Stay tuned, and we'll post pictures once we finally find our beauty.

Morgan's First Oreo

The bottom picture is Morgan after eating her first Oreo. She looks a lot cleaner in the picture than she did in real life. Needless to say, she has never done the sign for "more" with more vigor than she did after that first cookie. The top picture was a few days earlier after eating a little bit of brownie. It's hard to get upset at how dirty she gets when she does her cheeky little grin.

Monday, January 18, 2010


My sister Kristy was on dare to dream blog today you can find her article here Dare to Dream: Kristy Williams. After reading her wonderful article it made me think, what are five dreams that I want to accomplish in the next 5 years?
1. Run a Half Marathon ( I don't think I would ever want to do more than 13 miles)
2. Successfully run a design/furniture making company ( this would be small so that I could still focus on being a mom)
3. Learn how to make a website.
4. Become a better photographer.
5. Figure out how to lead a life with less stress .

What are your 5 dreams/goals for the next 5-10 years.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morgan's Birthday Party

We would love anyone that can make it to come, if you your able, please rsvp by commenting, emailing, or phoning. Thanks. We hope to see you there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Annual Family Hockey Game

My Cousin Carly took all the picture of our family skate/hockey game. Danny is quite amazing at hockey, since he is american I was expecting him to not be too great, even though as a kid he played roller hockey every day. He was on the opposite team and He was making it tough on my team, but I think having uncle scott and connor on our team made it impossible to loss, plus with me a kylie you know it is going to be a good game. It was really fun and morgan loved when people would hold her and skate around.(Thanks to Carly, Devynn and Kenzie for watching morgan so I could play.)

On a side note my "coach" on our thundercats flagfootball team put together this little video if you want to watch. Watch Thundercats 2009.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonderfully Warm Christmas

Morgan in the outfit Aunt Devynn gave her (Morgan really does love Devynn)

I thought Morgan could climb out of this hole, My family did not.
Morgan loves coconut icecream
Danny getting ready to ride the waves
Morgan is so cute, she loved eating this black sand.
Most of the Family (notice the awesome skim board danny made)
Morgan with some art from Aunt Devynn
Using our money from the Mexican Fiesta to bid on prizes.

Morgan with Kenzie and Brady back in Canada

This Christmas was a blast. We traveled to Alberta on Dec 18th, made some wonderful chocolates (my favorite was the Olypium Cream coconut chocolates), then as a family went to Mexico on the 24th till the 30th and then left on the 4th of January.

My favorite parts of the trips included:

Tennis Games in the Morning
Beach Volleyball Games (and Joel's ability to find keys in the sand)
Water Basketball (even though Eric was never on my team)
Watching everyone else get stung by the jelly fish
Saving the Baby Turtles with Kylie
Scuba Diving (danny is approved, I just did a little with an instructor)
We saw an eel, blowfish, starfish, stingrays, it was awesome
Attempting to Skim Board (Danny was very good at this)

Making Chocolates
Eating Christmas Eve Dinner
Hockey Game

After this trip I have learned that I do not like humidity, I need to shower when it is humid, Morgan really likes to eat sand, Apply sunscreen very often, Don't guard Kylie while playing water basketball, My mom can shoot a basketball really well, I love coconut ice cream and so does Morgan, My family really likes non alcoholic caesars and pina colodas, Morgan has no fear, Danny is really good at Ice Hockey, and I get sick on scuba boats when they go over waves in the ocean.