Saturday, February 26, 2011

YW Theme now on ETSY! Give Away on FACEBOOK

All you have to do is LIKE my facebook page, and sign up under today's entry!

I had a few requests for this, so if you want to order actual prints, you can now order them on Etsy.

Race Day- 5k

Danny and I decided to run a few races together call the Triple Crown. Our first race was today and it was a 5k we did really well and finished under 26 minutes.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YW Theme

This has to do with work and my personal life, so i thought I could post it on this blog. This sunday my friend sarah asked if I would create a handout to give to the YW on the YW theme. So this is what I came up with. I had a blast (and even got to work on it on Sunday).

Originally, I was going to send out pdf's but because I am worried they will get sent out to others with out my permission. I am now going to sell them on esty. Once I have it set up, I will let you know and if you want to buy it you are welcome to...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Week and Our anniversary

Well this was a fun week, I love any type of celebration. So this week we got to celebrate valentines and we got to kind of celebrate our anniversary. We are do a formal celebration for our anniversary this weekend (thanks to our friends Ashley and Ryan (we are trading with them)).

For valentines we celebrated by making valentines cookies on Sunday, on monday morning we had pink heart pancakes and morgan and I made valentines with paint, crayons and construction paper. Morgan was done doing after 2, so we only ended up making 4. On monday night we went to qdabo and kissed for a 2 for 1.

For our anniversary we were able to go to the temple in the morning thanks to Julianne Hatton. Later that night Danny let me convince him to go to sushi with me, Morgan loved the gyoza.

Danny's Favorite Morgan moment this week:
Morgan got ready for church today her hair was done and she had on her dress and she twirled around in the living room, it was adorable.

My Favorite Morgan moment this week:
Morgan is learning how to talk so well, Her great grandpa sent her some money for her birthday so we went to Target to pick something out. After we got it we called grandpa to say thank you. She was adorable and said Thanks Great Papa Snyder, I loved it and she said it sincerely.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time passes quickly

Morgan and Matthew sharing a banana taking turns taking a bite.

As I sit here realizing I haven't blogged in two weeks, boy time passes quickly, then I realize that I have almost been married for 4 years, I have a two year old, I have lived in Louisville for 7 months, boy time really does fly.

Danny and I were talking about how we barely remember morgan even being a baby, she is so much fun and so much energy now, I barely remember what we did last week. So I better do a good job of recapping our lives so I can remember things.

Right now I remember:
- Last night morgan threw up 5 times (good thing I had just washed all her p.j.'s)
- Today morgan grabbed Danny and I in a hug and yelled Family!
- The other day morgan kissed my elbow and I asked her if she wanted me to kiss hers and she said "myself" and tried to kiss her own elbow, while I laughed inside.
-Morgan loves music and dancing, and the other day she put her hands on her hips moved then in a circle and said Music... so I put on Justin Beiber "baby"
-Morgan loves her friends, she loves to be social and she loves Ashley. I love Ashley, good friends are such a blessing.
- The wedding invites that I sometimes let rule my life come and go, but Morgan and Danny are here to stay so maybe I should invest a little more love for them.
-My family is awesome, my sister Devynn scored 27 POINTS in a basketball game. She totally stepped up to the plate.
- I love designing, when I get the finished product I am soo happy I am doing it.
- Morgan loves her cousins, and she loves to say the word cousins, she runs around yelling COUSINS!
- Morgan loves to jump, we go to a gym for kids once in a while and Morgan loves it, she is really coordinated and has been jumping for a while now.
- Morgan's speech has really improved, I will have to start writing down what she says because it is adorable, the other day danny was getting ready for basketball and morgan said Danny Basketball and he said yes and she said let me get your shoes... it was crazy.

Well that is all I remember right now... so I will have to do a better job of recording what I remember before I forget it.