Sunday, April 21, 2013

McKell turned one!

Well time really really flies. McKell turned one on April 14th. I can't believe it. McKell is such a fun happy baby. Every day I am so happy that she came to our family. She is a pretty small kid weighing in at on 18.10  and she is 29 inches tall.
Length = between percentile 10 and 25 Weight = below percentile 5 She starting taking steps a few days before her birthday and now she is walking all by herself. 
Morgan loves to play with McKell, they love to wrestle and chase each other around the apartment.She can say MaMa and DaDa and loves to jibber jabber. She talks to you like you know what she is saying. 

McKell loves to climb. If any type of small chair or stool is left out she is found climbing on it.
McKell loves to wear anything she can put on her head. She loves glasses and will wear them for 10 minutes at time.