Friday, March 26, 2010

Whitefield Prints

I am sure most of you know about my new endeavor whitefield prints, well today I got my latest job {save the dates} done in letterpress. I love getting new prints, it is so fun to see your work come to life. Since I graduated with a BFA I decided I couldn't let me design side of me die since I had morgan so I spend a few hours a week doing graphic design now a days.

I also would love to do more wedding prints, so when we move {hopefully we move because we get into dental school soon} I can start a formal wedding invite/graphic design company. If you know of anyone that would like some custom wedding invites done for a great price, let me know, I give them a great deal!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Danny

Well if you didn't know, Danny turned 25 this Saturday! It was a wonderful day, Morgan even slept in till 9:00 (the longest she has ever slept). We started off the day with crepes and pancakes, went to sophie's birthday party, went out to eat at cafe rio (danny's favorite) went birthday shopping, took a nap, went to a early stake conference, watched the BYU game with Spencer and Kelsey and ate papa murphy's, and played blockus (danny won all the games, I think it was rigged).

I can't believe that Danny is 25, I met him when I we were both 18. Time really does fly, but with all this time that I have known him it has made me love him more. So I wanted to list 25 reasons why I love Danny.

1. He has a really nice smile with really nice looking teeth.
2. He is a great soccer player.
3. He is really talented at all sports.
4. He is a kind hearted person, who wants the best for everyone.
5. He has great penmanship.
6. He loves me and Morgan with all his heart.
7. His smashing good looks (I really like that he cuts his hair short for me)
8. He can pick up anything (when we got married he didn't waterski or wakeboard, now he is amazing at both)
9. He works hard.
10. He is smart, (and when something is hard like bio chemistry, he studies hard so that he can understand it)
11. He is a great artist, he can make anything with wood, he likes to paint and is very creative.
12. He goes on walks with me (he will usually do anything I like to do, this is very nice when your married to the person)
13. He helps me around the house as much as he can (tonight he did the dishes for me, very appreciated)
14. His laugh, I will pretty much do anything to hear Danny laugh (I will even watch Nacho Libre, or blow on his stomach)
15. His sense of style, he can pick out an outfit for me or my mom and it will totally be in style and look great.
16. His friendships with others. I love how he is a good friend, loyal and there for them when they are in need.
17. His spontaneity for buying new things, while sometimes I dislike this trait, most of the time it ends up with things that really benefit us. Like when he bought the vinyl machine or the heat press.
18. How he makes me feel like a million dollars. He wants me to feel special and will plan fun dates and romantic evenings.
19. He has a great singing voice.
20. His desire to get into dental school (this has proven to be the hardest thing we have ever tried to do, but he continues to go at it happily).
21. How good of a father he is. I love watching him play with morgan and watching her laugh, or when he takes her to the park and she can't stop smiling.
22. His dedication to the Gospel.
23. The poems he writes to me on special days.
24. How he has embraced the goodness of Canada.
25. How we do everything together, like ski and snowboard, crafts, wood working, and how we enjoy spending the time together. I love you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is a copy of my results:

So I actually ran the 10 k, and I noticed 2 things, 1. I am not as fast as I thought I was. 2. A lot of people run 10 k's. I was really happy with how I ran it, as girls flew past me, I had to remind myself, that I was running for myself and not to win. I ran 8 minutes faster than last time I ran a 10 k. It felt really good to accomplish a 10 k, I would recommend it to anyone, it isn't too far of a distance and it feels really rewarding.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Diego

Add ImageLuckily for me Danny's sister and my sister both live in San Diego, so when Danny's sister decided to bless Gideon and Eden decided to be baptized, I knew I wanted to make a trip of it. So Morgan and I played with Danny's Family from Wednesday to Sunday and then I spent the rest of the time with my sister Kristy. Morgan had a lot of fun swimming or trying to swim with all of her cousins in Indio (near palm springs). Morgan got her hair done in pig tails for the first time. She learned to wrestle/play with her cousin thomas. She ate sand again, we are trying to get her to stop that. Danny learned how to surf (thanks joel and seth). I got to have the best food ever (frozen yogurt, sushi, the best sandwich ever, etc) it is nice when your siblings have great taste in food. We had a blast, thanks Kristy and Danny's Family.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So Danny has worked with the rex lee run for the last three years, this year he helped with Advertising by doing the vinyl for rex lee run. So I decided I was going to run the 5k last year just a month and a half after having Morgan, this year I decided to run the 10k. I was a little worried about actually being able to run 10k's since, I have only been running about 2 times a week, so today I decided I would try to run 6 miles (the most I have ever run is 5 miles). Then this morning I ran 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 13 seconds.

So if anyone wants to run the 10k with me, I would love having a partner to run with. The run is March 13th. You can register on hope to see you there, you can run the 5k if you don't want to do the 10 k. Also the money goes towards cancer research.