Monday, January 16, 2012

Mutual Theme 2012

I just designed the 2012 YW theme.
If you want to order a poster, or if you want to order 5x7 cards, let me know. If you want to print them yourselves, let me know as well and I will send you a pdf file. (you can only print 10 for free, scouts honor)

Indy & the Childrens Museum

Bumble Bee himself (an actual movie prop)

 turning on and off the lights!
 Playing kitchen
 posing for the camera!
 Video of Morgan and Matthew sliding down!

With the Barbies

 Doing the Barbie Runway!
Morgan just learned how to do the fire pole all my herself.

Danny and I were missing our friends Ashley and Ryan so we called them up on Friday and said we are coming to see you tomorrow. We drove up Saturday Morning went to the children's museum and then went for lunch and played at the house and then went on a date. It was great to hang out again, I forgot how well Morgan and Matthew get along and how much they like each other.

New Years Eve

We were able to have a nice get together with a few friends to celebrate New Years. We had tons of fun and had great food. Since my family didn't get to do our traditional Steak and Crab Christmas Eve, Danny and I decided to do it for New Years Eve instead. We played catch phrase (a favorite of mine) and had a great time bringing in the new year!