Sunday, August 29, 2010

Which do you like best

I am getting some business cards letter-pressed and I am trying to pick a design I like. Which you do you like best?

Friday, August 27, 2010


My sister Kristy had a beautiful baby boy and named him Charles Clayton Williams. He was a bit big at 8 lbs 15 oz but super cute.

Listening to her awesome birth story was so amazing it made me want to have another kid, but on a serious note that will not happen soon.
Not much new has been happening here in Louisville, the weather is getting better (it isn't ridiculously hot anymore) so we go outside at least once a day. On thursdays we always go to the library and then go play with all our friends at the park or the Chick-fil-a it has a nice play place and great service.

Danny got a job and starts on the 7th of September, he also has gotten 3 dental school interviews (one he had today) at Louisville, Indiana, and Midwestern. We are hoping for more, but very excited that he already has 3.

My business is keeping me busy, which I love and is pretty fun so far. I had my first headache on a wedding invitation I was working on, but it all worked out in the end. I am really excited to work on the next few weddings I have (one in NY, one in Lexington and one here in Lousiville).

Morgan is getting to be soo big and soo smart, and now she will watch t.v. (for about 20 minutes). It is great, she is more shy here and misses aunt de de so much, but We are learning to love our new home.

Friday, August 13, 2010


This is Danny. Do you have a time that you always see? This is a question that I have asked friends, family, and acquaintances for many years now. Half of the people I ask have no idea what I am talking about. Of the other half, I would say that half of them instantly spout off a time. This conversation usually begins when I look at a clock, my watch, or cell phone and see the time 9:41. I don't really recall when I started noticing it, but I see the time 9:41 at least every other day, most times more. I think that I started making a mental note of it when as a child growing up in Las Vegas my favorite radio station was 94.1. I would look at my radio and see 9:41 and 94.1 right on top of one another. A few years ago, I noticed that every product that Apple advertises, whether it be an iMac, a Macbook, or the iPhone has the time of 9:41 on it, though occasionally there is a 9:42 thrown in there. So yesterday, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to do some research on why Apple does this. It turns out that every keynote address that Steve Jobs or another Apple exec delivers starts at 9:00. They practice their speeches for hours on end and a picture of the new product is always revealed 40 minutes into the speech. They give themselves a minute (or two) of leeway so that when the product shows up on the screen, the time on the product matches the times on the watches of those in the audience. Leave it to Apple to think of every little detail. So there you have it, the cosmos aren't aligning to make me the next CEO of Apple. But I still think that I will notice 9:41 until I die. So, do you have a time that you always see?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I hate taking tests!

So since we moved to Kentucky, I needed to get a Kentucky Drivers License because my Utah one expired while I was in Canada. So, I went there and they told me I had to take the drivers test. I didn't have my social with me so I had to wait a day ( so I could go home and pick up my social)to take it. I haven't written a test since I graduated college, so I was really dreading it. Danny had to keep reaffirming me that I could do it. I even studied for a few hours, so I wouldn't fail. I am such a poor test taker. Even if I know the correct answer I seem to mess up how I read the problem. So I went on Monday to take the test, and they told me I could only get 6 wrong... so I knew I had all the signs correct and I knew I had the possibility of getting 7 questions wrong... My little sister just took her test and I remembered that she said she asked the ladies at the front if they could help her understand the question. So I thought I would try it, but the lady at the front wasn't nice like the one was to Devynn. So I handed in my test... and I got 6 wrong! So I passed! Hooray!