Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What would you do?

So I had an intramural flag football game. My team is really good, (mostly consisting of old track stars from BYU), and we have won the top division for the last 3 years running. At our last game we were playing a really fun team, but unfortunately we were doing very well on defense and they were not able to move very far let alone get a first down. They were really good sports, they had a very funny girl on there team and were fun to play even though it wasn't the toughest games of the season. The game was coming up on the last few minutes when we had an interception. So it was our turn and we were attempting to get another touch down, so here is the play by play: Our quarterback throws the ball to one of our blockers, she has five yards to touch down, three yards to touch down, one yard to touch down, when 2 of the other teams players DIVE for the flags, I mean DIVE for the flags and they crash into each other. TOUCH DOWN.... but wait both of the other players are down and it doesn't look good, they grab there heads and blood is flowing from there heads... someone yells call 9-1-1... So our team has one of the track team personal trainers watching, so he runs to the girls pulls out his safety gear and says I need something to apply pressure, I need a t-shirt, someone give me a t-shirt....

so what would you do? would you take off your shirt and give it to him to apply pressure, and be just in your sports bra?

Let me know... and I will tell you the out come soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BYU and family

Randomly We ran into Brad and Kirstie on our way into the game. It was fun to see them for a split second, we know how sad Brad must have been after this one.
At the beginning of the game when Morgan was still excited about the outcome.
Right before the game.Go Cougars!
Morgan loves Thomas!

After the game, It was sure nice to see Kristy and Joel even thought it was such a brief visit, next time will have to have them at least stay for 24 hours.

I love you

I went to my friends the Hunter's Blog and found this "what matters most by Thomas S. Monson" and after watching it, I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love them. I especially love Danny my husband for all that he does for me and morgan, for his kindness and his charity and for his funny actions and statements. I also want morgan to know how wonderful she is and how she melts my heart. She even cuddled me for 10 seconds today and made my day, she is so cute and such a blast to be around. I also love my family, even though sometimes I complain, they are wonderful and make such a difference in my life. My mom and dad are such great parents and they worked so hard to help me become who I am. I love all my siblings and hope they know how much I care. I just want all of you, all my friends and extended family to know that I love you and hopefully I show you how much I love you. Watch the clip.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My little (big) brother

Any of you who are close to either Brynn or me have probably heard us talk about how crazy it is to see my little (better said younger) brother Spencer these days. You've probably heard us talk about how he lost 80 pounds between his senior year of high school and freshman year at BYU, but the words just don't do it justice. My mom just sent me this picture of my brothers and me with our home teacher right before I went to BYU. So yes, this is the hair do I was rockin when Brynn first fell in love with me. Then there is a picture of my bro serving his mission in NYC. It still is weird to not be able to make fun of him for being fat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morgan is a crawler

Morgan has been attempting to crawl for about 3 weeks, and she finally has it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Karla's Wedding

My really good friend Karla got married on Saturday, it was really fun to be able to go to her wedding and see how happy she is. It was really nice to take time get a babysitter and go to the temple as well as dance the night away as a family.

We love BYU Soccer

We love going to BYU girls soccer games. They are really good and it is fun to watch. On labor day we decided to get morgan all dress up to cheer at the game, we sat with Kylie, Colby, Iling, Cassie and Ty. The game was against Oklahoma State and we ended up winning, it was a tough fight but we came out on top.

USA vs. ES

Danny really really wanted to go to the USA vs El Salvador World Cup Qualifying round, and some how he convinced me to buy 2 tickets to the Game. It ended up being a blast, and we even made some fun t-shirts to wear to the game. The USA won 2 to1 and the game was pretty exciting the entire time.