Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morgan takes a video of herself and says words

After swimming for family home evening, we were coloring and Morgan kept saying "coloring" so I wanted to document it, she had other plans and took the video recorder from me.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well we have been in Louisville for one week and a day. I have figured a few things out.
1. It is very hot and very humid here.
2. I can't really do my hair straight.
3. Having a swimming pool at our complex is really nice.
4. There are actually a lot of cool things to do in Louisville (the zoo, and the YMCA waterpark, etc)
5. They have Graters Ice Cream here. It is amazing. My personal favorite is coconut chip.

If anyone has tips on how to do hair in humid places, I would love to hear about them. I had no idea how hot it would get here and we went out to a BBQ on Friday and with out thinking I wore a cardigan. It is way to hot to wear a lot most anything, so I am going to have to invest in some short cap sleeve shirts. So far we have really enjoyed the city, we usually spend at least part of the day swimming.

Danny saw on our friends (Tyler and Jen's) blog a cool kids attachment for a bike. So we got one, and Morgan loves it. So we usually spend 15 or minutes a day on that. We got morgan a bike helmet and it is fun to see her run up to and try to put it on. I will have to attach pictures sometime.

I finished my Website you should check it out www.whitefielddesign.com and I am official now, so you can always send people my way. So if your getting married or know someone that is give me a shout.

Also this week my sister got published on another blog, about 6 months ago she wrote on her dreams, and this is a follow up, you can read it here.

Danny is working hard each day, studying up a storm. He will be taking the dat in August and then hopefully will have a job. He is applying again to lots of schools, so hopefully we will get some interviews soon.

A girl I met named Jayda asked me if I played volleyball and her team was short a player on Tuesday so she called me up and I went out to play sand volleyball, it was 6 on 6 and a blast. Since playing I think I want to join...

Well that is pretty much what we are up to here. If you want to make a visit we would love to have you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the lake

My Family meets up at the lake every year, this year was fun but sad not have Danny with us. It was a blast we have a tradition to play a family football game each year. Some how my team always seems to lose, which I take pretty hard. Morgan and I have had a great time together. Morgan loves the water and really like to tube. I wish I had more pictures of Graham, Thomas and Morgan playing together, they are soo cute together, Morgan trys to hug and kiss them all day long.