Sunday, February 10, 2013

McKell's 9 Month Check up

McKell had her 9 month check up and is growing at a good rate.  She weights 16.9 lbs and is 27.5 inches tall.

McKell learned to crawl the correct way this last month. She is constantly pulling herself up and moving along ledges, couches and chairs. I think she will try and walk soon, but who knows. She can say ma-ma, da-da, she waves hi and bye and loves to chit chat. She has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. She naps at 9 and at 1 and isn't sleeping through the night, but I am going to work on that. She still is the happiest child I have ever seen. (except when she was sick). She loves to smile at people and loves to giggle and laugh. Morgan and McKell just laugh together alot and it is so fun to listen to. She loves to play with blocks and the play kitchen. McKell is a mommas girl but loves to see her daddy.

Morgan turned 4!

This year Morgan had a baking themed Birthday Party. My mom gave Morgan and her guests a chef hat and apron. I personalized each one with their names. We had a blast and did experiments and played with play dough.  Connor and Lindsey were able to come down and it was great having out cousins Graham and Audrey at the party.  It was fun having Morgans friends at the party, her guests were: Sawyer Haskell, George Robinson, Lily Hall, MacKenzie Shaw, Makelle Madsen, Hannah Wennerholm,  Izak Kolakowski, Graham MacLennan and Audrey MacLennan. 

Morgan just had her 4 year check up and has the following stats: 39 inches tall and Weighs 33 pounds. She has perfect vision and she was super tough and got 3 shots.

echo lake (6 months ago)

This summer we did a lot of fun things, but I also had a new born and I didn't blog well. here is a bit of catch up.

After the Snyder Reunion and Disneyland we went to Echo Lake for MacLennan 3-days and then we went to Waterton to do McKell's baby blessing and then we went back to Echo.

We love Echo. This year was tons of fun. Morgan even went skiing for her first time. McKell went tubing for the first time. Our cabin still has water damage and some of it is underwater but that didn't deter us from a good time.