Sunday, July 17, 2011

Save the Date for Women in Business Conference

I am really excited for this conference that my sister Kristy is planning at BYU. You should check it out and plan to come if it is something your interested in. Since I am not great with words you can read Kristy's blog about it here.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Running the Ragnar

My sister Kristy asked me a while ago if I wanted to run the Ragnar, when I said Yes I was really excited to do this. We were running in memory of Caroline Williams and raising money to cancer research.  I was training for the half marathon and thought doing 3 legs that totaled 18 miles would be doable after running 13 at once. The closer and close the race got the more nervous I got to run it. The week before I had decided I was crazy. Kristy got into town on the Sunday before the race and we ran a few runs together to get ready for the race, and running the hills in Alpine made me realize I could do this Ragnar.  A few days before the race 2 of our runners wimped out and we had to find replacements, this was really stressful trying to find someone who was available and willing to run long distances. Luckily we were able to talk Kyle Hanson into joining us and we found another runner for our other van. So with a total of 12 runners our team was ready to run the 200 miles.

My team included Kyle, Johnny, Me, Fred, Kristy and Kara. One of the funnest things about the run is that you get to cheer on your teammates as they run. Our team figured out the perfect way to cheer each other on and would go to certain mile markers and cheer each other on. This was my life saver on my last run. My first run was great. Kyle taught our team about kills, in order to get a kill while you run you just have to pass someone, because I am competitive I didn't like it when people would pass me and "kill" me so I wanted to make sure to keep my pace and pass as many people as I could. On my first run right when I was getting to the pass off point 3 men where trying to pass me. I ran my guts out so they wouldn't pass me and it worked.  One of the most memorable part of my runs was Batman. While I was running I saw him in the distance and then before I knew it I was side by side him, because he was running. So after a little convincing I got him to run with me, then he told me his name was Robert. I think Robert may have regretted the decision to let me know his name. By the time he wanted to walk again I was ready to pass him and my last words were you can do it you can run the whole thing, and I got him to say he wasn't going to walk any more. Well for each of my legs I would try to catch up to Robert and tell him to start running (he would run fast, then take breaks and walk).  It was really fun and my van would yell encouragement to him as well.

My last leg of the race was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life (and I am not exaggerating). I had run 10.6 miles so far and I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep (over 2 days). Before I had even started my run my quads were sore. My goal for this race was to RUN the entire thing, no walking. My last leg was mostly an incline from mile 3.5-7.7. I knew it was going to be hard, but I just kept telling myself "I can do hard things" (thanks mom for the quote). At certain points in the race I told myself, just one foot in front of the other. As I started the race I prayed for the strength to be able to not walk. I knew as soon as I started running that this would be a mental game and that I would only walk if I gave into my "natural man".  My team was awesome and waited at mile 3, 5 and 6 and gave me gaterado and the cheering I needed to keep it up.

I am so glad I took the challenge to run this race. It was really hard but was so much fun and like Cal stewart says you always remember the hardest things the best! and this was a memeory I will never forget. Who knows I might do one for fun soon:)

During one of our legs each girl wore a mustache, Morgan really wanted to wear one when we were finished. Here she is sporting one.

Here are the best pictures from the run:

Nathan and Wendy's Wedding

We are so excited to get to add Wendy to our family. She planned the wedding so well and everything looked and was fantastic!


Before we went to Danny's brothers wedding we made a stop in Arizona to visit Danny's best friends Keegan and Spencer (and their wifes). Driving from Kentucky to Arizona wasn't to bad, it was the first time I had been in Missouri, Oklahoma, (2nd time in) Texas, and New Mexico. We were able to stay at my parents house in Chandler Arizona, which has the best kids pool known to man. Lindsey and Keegan were awesome enough to have us for a few days and make us amazing food (turkey burgers and fish tacos).

Dannys Company Picnic

Danny just finished up working at Unique Management, a library services company. Before his last day we went to the company picnic where morgan was able to get her face painted, she picked a purple butterfly. Which she loved, the next day we found her covered in Marker apparently we are not good at teaching the difference between when it is ok and not ok to paint on ourselves.