Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jenna Swinton

I ment to write this awhile ago but here it is. I just wanted everyone to see how awesome Jenna Swinton is, she made this blanket for our little baby. It was really fun to get a present for Morgan(I think that will be her name). For Jenna's first hand made blanket I think it is amazing. I can't wait to use it. Thanks Jenna!

Little Onesies

This is a monogrammed burp cloth in burgandy.
This one is a brown kite with pink ribbon.
This one of danny's favorite is red argyle.
We decided no child should go to a game with out showing some school pride.

This is a monogram set I made for a girl in my ward.
These are one of my favorites Kristy my sister had these made for some girls in Section D (for dinosaur) I think they are adorable.
Danny decided he wanted to start making shirts, so we decided to buy a heat press, since he started making them I decided I wanted to make onesies. So here are pictures of the onesies i have made so far, if you are interested in getting a custom onesie let me know (the cost will between $8-12.50 a onesie).

Friday Night Date

Jessie and Shane, with their Air Jordan interpretation.
Danny and I with our BYU logo
Bryce and Katie with their thanksgiving scene.
Bryce and Katie won, this is titled "is the turkey going to die?" cookie display, the red cookie is a gun marker and the rest is self explanatory.

This weekend I decided it was about time we went out on a real organized date. So a few of us got together and went to Guru's the BYU basketball game and then we went to our house and had a sugar cookie decorating contest. Guru's was great, I would recommend the marco polo pasta and some sweet potato fries. BYU's basketball game however was pretty lame, we won, but I think the only person playing on the court was Lee Commard, who scored over half our points, hopefully BYU can step up their game and the next game will be exciting to watch. My favorite part of the night was decorating cookies. It was fun to see the different ideas that people came up with.