Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Months Old

Morgan turned 7 months old this week, it is crazy how time flies by. And since I am a busy busy bee this summer, Morgan got her shots and check up today. Since things run a bit different in Canada, weigh in's and height and percentile don't really seem to be a big deal so they didn't tell me what percentile she is in, so I will have to figure that out and get back to you but she weighed in at 16 pounds 2 oz and is 26 and 3/16 inches tall or 67 cm for the canadians. It was really nice to go into the health unit and get all my shots paid for by my taxes, some times it really pays to be canadian and I would think especially in the health care department. I will let you americans say all you want, but I really really like Canada's health care plan. Just another reason for me to love being Canadian. Since Morgan is now 7 months old she has offically lived in Canada for longer than she has lived in the us. Danny isn't very excited about that. Morgan has been really active in the last month and has successfully, rolled over both ways, said da da and moma and she likes to yell if other people in the room are talking, just to make sure we remember she is there, she gets on all fours and attempts to crawl (I think she will get it any day now) and she loves to laugh when you tickle her toes, thighs and neck. She loves to laugh when danny blows on the back of her knees. Morgan seems to be really becoming her own and we love it, she is adorable and fun. We are really excited to get her on a sleep schedule once summer is over, even though we love playing, and love doing astro jump* and we love spending time together.

For all you none canadians here is a commercial to help you learn a little about our country.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cutest Baby Ever

I know that it is traditionally the woman`s job to keep the blog updated, but when you have a baby this cute, and a dad this proud, it`s okay to bend the rules. Brynn`s friend Anna got Morgan the cute board shorts and top. She`s currently the hottest thing at the lake.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Echo Lake Again

This past week we were able to take a break from work and go play at the lake with our friends the Bench's Keegan, Lindsey, Asher and Colby. It was a lot of fun with a lot of wipe outs, intense tubing and fun. As you can see from the pictures the weather was a bit, well crazy, we would have a few hours of sun, a few hours of overcast and wind and a few hours of rain every day, so when we were not out playing in the water we were in the cabin playing games, thanks to keegan who brought quite a few. We also went into town one night ate at moose (hopefully i will get a picture from keegan of us there) and we went on a walk to the duck pond. It was a ton of fun and We are so glad that the bench's took the time to drive up to montana.

Morgan Standing