Sunday, April 27, 2014

week 6-10

Well I am one very sleep deprived mom, and with that said that maybe why I haven't posted in 4 weeks.

McKell turned 2 on April 14th and weighed 25 pounds.

When did my baby get so big? I can't believe she is two! McKell is such a fun age and such a fun girl! She is a little ray of sunshine! She is very determined and very adventurous. She loves sweets, bikes, horses, Morgan, music and story time at the library. She is a tom boy (at least I think so) she loves playing with mark @werin26 and sawyer@ericahaskell and she loves @paulcurtis and@wcurtis. She is always dirty and always pulls out her done hair so she looks homeless. When she doesn't know you well she talks so quite it is hard to hear but if she is comfortable with you it seems like she is yelling all the time. Thanks to Lindsey Kennedy's music class she loves loves loves music! She is really good at drawing little circles, and can fill a page with them. I am so glad that I get to be her mom!

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Sheila MacLennan said...

This a beautiful Sunday afternoon looking at the photos of your adorables and my great's. What a lovely feeling I get when reviewing these knowing that they have wonderful parents whom I love, The Lord is good��������